Lets Ride Chesterton

If you are looking for the total bicycling experience, we have everything you could ever need at Chesterton Bicycle Station. We carry all components and every comfort that you could want to make cycling the most enjoyable activity for you.

We provide everything you’ll need from, helmets, gloves, pedals, computers, pegs, bars, shoes, cycling jerseys and shorts or skirts, toolkits, pumps, frames, grips, sprockets, gears, chains, training wheels, carriers and pull carts.

If a bicycle isn’t your preferred mode of transport, we also cater to your mobility needs. We have an extensive inventory that includes skateboard components including trucks, wheels and accessories; and boards as well. If you have wheels, we will service them! Buggies, wheelchairs, wagons? We also service exercise equipment. If you are vacationing in our area, call ahead to reserve a rental bike! We are your one stop shop for all things cycling related.

If you are vacationing in our area, call ahead to reserve a rental bike!


We carry the best brands and products, which we carefully source so that they meet the highest standards, both in terms of safety and in terms of aesthetics. You know that if you are looking for something that is as safe as it looks, then you can come to us!

We provide total service, from helping you choose the bicycle and equipment that is going to enhance your experience and enjoyment most, working with you through the whole life of the equipment, and providing for all of  your maintenance and repair needs.

Chesterton Bicycle Station is the hub for all of your bicycling needs. We are integral to the local community and take an active role in supporting local cycling initiatives and groups, because we know how important that is for you as a cyclist. Our experience and passion for cycling will be obvious to you from the moment you first walk in the door.